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Our quote is free. Our web advice is free. Our experience and commitment are priceless:

You shouldn’t have to pay for a web consultant to visit your office, evaluate your web needs or write up a web proposal. Your first contact with a web designer, whether in person or by phone,  is not a commitment to purchase nor is it an ongoing consultation regarding your upcoming web project.

What to expect on your initial contact

Initial consultation with a web design company should be free. After all, it is in the web design company’s best interest to meet with clients, evaluate their web needs, and then return with a proper quote that clearly defines the web projects and reflects the potential clients’ needs.

You should be prepared with a realistic budget for your project; a list of what you need to include in your web project. A wish list is always good to have as well – you never know what additional functionalities can be included at minimal costs.

During your consultation meeting, whether by phone or in person, you’ll have a better opportunity to evaluate the company. Do they seem knowledgeable? Are they honest? Are they patient? Do they present themselves on time? Are they easily reachable? Are they receptive to your ideas? Who is your point of contact? Think about the type of person or persons you will have to deal with during the course of your project. Don’t be too dazzled by the aesthetics of their portfolio. The layouts are generally prepared by graphic artists (team members or clients) and do not reflect the type of service and final result you will receive.

Your project should run smoothly and be a pleasant experience instead of being wrought with uncertainty and stress. You first consultation will be your best opportunity to predict how your project will go.