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Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Website

In the history of advertising, there has never been an easier way to reach clients and potential clients directly than it is at this moment. Whether you have a new product to promote or want to shine a spotlight on your 100 years in business, you have in your possession all the necessary tools to shout it from the rooftops and be heard worldwide.


If launching a website has become parallel to ‘existing’ as a business. Maintaining a website and your social media platforms are a way to remind everyone you’re still in business.

Internet searches have become the authority for information ranging from medical advice to appliance reviews.   For example, here’s a glimpse of’ Google searches phrases happening as we speak:

“What’s open on family day”

“Steve Nash”

“Advil Recall”

If your website doesn’t contain relevant, up to date information, you miss your chance of reaching anyone. And with content management software like WordPress and available web designers, there’s no good reason your website should become stale and outdated. Here are five ways you can keep your website alive and and your content fresh:

Create a blog for your website content

Blogs used to be a playground for amateur writers and their badly written public diaries. Unfortunately, the massive amount of these blogs still exist and still growing in numbers. But according to seo and social media experts, they are certainly no longer useless. Fresh content is paramount to staying alive on the Internet. A maintained site is more than a sign of life: it’s a reflection on your business standards.

Creating relevant and up to date content also help establish you and your services as the leader in your industry.


Integrate social media into your marketing

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for a business not to utilize social media platforms. Think about it: you search for a service or a company; if your search doesn’t begin on Facebook, it certainly begins on Google. Before long, you eventually end up on the company’s Facebook page where you’ll find  the most up to date information from the company itself and direct feedback from their existing clients.

Now imagine the company didn’t have a Facebook page or any social media links. Chance are, they wouldn’t have showed up on Google since Google ranks businesses who engage in social media higher than those who don’t. The company without any social media links would look outdated and the lack of social media engagement would be somewhat suspect.

Social Media experts can help any business stay fresh and reachable via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked in.


Update your images

Images, like banner ads, become stale and your visitors lose sight of the message you’re trying to convey. Furthermore, the information becomes outdated and reflects on the care you take with your own products and services. Ensure that your images are still relevant, trendy and deliver a strong message.


Maintain your social media content

Whether you choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or all three as your social media platforms, make sure to maintain them with fresh and relevant content. It is absolutely time consuming but a necessary evil. The most ideal way to keep content fresh and up to date is to hire a social media expert to manage your weekly updates. Facebook needs to be updated at least 3 times a week and Twitter, nearly daily. This represents precious time taken away from your core business. Assign the task to a social media group for the most efficient way of managing your social media posts.

Clean house

So you’ve been writing articles for years, placing keywords in the right amount in all the right places. It’s time to revisit all your hard work. Google changes their algorithm at least 500 times a year. What may have worked a few years ago may backfire for you today. Take some time to ensure all your articles are in line with Google’s optimization standards. Ensure all your links are still relevant and still active. Get rid of all dead links and remove yourself from all link farms that may have once benefited your ranking.

With small easy steps, and a little help from experts, your website and social media posts will positively impact your online marketing efforts.





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