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Reasons to Choose Saffron Web Design

Yes, we have more than ten reasons.
1. Free Web Design Quote

In order to ensure you’ve established a clear comparison of services and pricing, contact our web designers for a free consultation and estimate before you set up a web contract anywhere else. 
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2. 15+ Years of Experience

Some web designers  look like they’re here to stay and then disappear overnight. Our montreal web design company is nearly two decades strong.
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3. Client Web Testimonials

We can try to sell ourselves but our web client testimonials will give you a clear indication of what you can expect. We value these testimonies as they are our accolades of a job well done. 
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4. Credentials

We’re not self-taught web designers, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Our team of web site designers have university level degrees in computer engineering and multimedia design. 
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5. Our Portfolio

Our web designers designs first and foremost, for your target audience. Our projects are customized with a unique look, a user friendly navigation system and a style that fits the intended market. Our project results are always on target because of the time we take to listen to your requests and evaluate your needs, research your field and plan your web site before proposing any type of web layout. 
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Not only should you love the website design you pay for but it should be a web site that reaches your business goals

6. Contact

Beware of web companies who won’t list a direct number or provide a 1-800-number that doesn’t lead directly to their offices. You should be able to have direct contact with your web designer or project manager in charge of creating your web site.

Our web design team is available both by phone and by email. We are prompt, professional, polite and friendly. We find it makes it easier to do business this way.
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7. Web Trends and Developments

Our web designers are experienced and qualified to know the impact that different web trends and developments may have on your web site. Some options may be expensive to implement and may not be needed for you to set up your business on the web. We will never recommend more than you actually need to reach your goals.
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8. Our Team

We’re a small web team but we do web design and SEO full time for both small and medium sized companies and over the years have developed a working method that has become our formula for success. Our web team is equipped with experience, certifications, degrees and a work ethic that has kept us busy for the last 14 years.
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9. Pricing and Payment

Custom web sites should be reasonably priced. Beware of prices that are too low. Web sites that are priced in the hundreds are usually based on a template web design and not catered to your specific needs. Beware of web companies that ask for full payment before the start of any project. The norm of web design payment has become half of the full price up front and the remainder before project delivery.
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10. Ongoing Support

Support means that you know you can contact our web designers to get a prompt and courteous answer to any question or concern you may have.

Saffron Web Design design offers maintenance agreements that keep you in touch with your original web designers, building a strong and steady relationship throughout the expansion of your business and projects.

Of course we have an 11:

11.We always deliver what we promise and on budget.

It will never cost you more than we quote for your web site and we always deliver on our agreement. After 14 years of being in the business, we know our way around the internet and the business of web design.

We learn as much about your business as we can and try to stay on top of your competitors both on the web and offline. Our marketing material will always mirror your offline efforts and stay inline with your ultimate marketing goals.