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Is Good Web Design Still Important?

What Every Web Designer Should Consider When Designing a Website.

montreal web designThere may have been a time where design was an elusive idea – a talent reserved for the gifted few. If you pursued a career in web design, it was assumed you were either skilled or taught the basic rules of design or had some sort of strong intuition for design.

The Internet has proven this to be false. Bad design is rampant and seems to be spreading like an unstoppable virus. Web designers no longer learn the basic rules that make up good design. They learn to code and learn to copy good design without know why it’s good in the first place and therefore fail often.



Is Web Design and Innovation Still Important?

The good news for bad web designers is that innovative design is no longer at the forefront of what would be considered a good website design. User-friendliness and ease of navigation reigns supreme. After all, what’s the point of designing a site that looks incredible on one platform and un-useable on another? Parallax was a great tool for delivering innovative designs and creating highly interactive sites. It is now considered bad design for failure to translate across all platforms (smartphone, tablets, etc.).

Innovation in website design may take a back seat to usability but design does not. For one thing, bad design hinders usability. Even with websites conforming to a more uniform look, design is still the foundation of user experience.

Retain Your Website Visitor Using Design

Grabbing a viewer’s attention on the Internet is challenging. Maintaining a viewers attention is an accomplishment and a design challenge. Large image and videos are a trend that effectively capture and retain a visitor but much like ad banners have become so rampant that they will also become less effective.

Establish Credibility Using Good Web Design

Your website is your calling card. It’s the first impression potential customers get of your level of standards. Imagine walking into a cluttered, filthy restaurant or one that hasn’t been maintained. What impression does it leave you? An outdated and cluttered site reflects on your company. A badly designed site reflects on your standards and what is acceptable to you as a business owner. Potential clients will make decisions about your business and your services based on the design first, before ever reading your mission statement.

Design For Your Target Market

If you own a yoga studio, designing a website with dark greys and high contrasting colors doesn’t translate to a soothing environment; If you run a radio station, high impact images may capture your client but using stock photography make you seem out of touch with what your listeners expect to see. Understanding who your clients are will help your website design be more effective. Your website design should be based on your client’s expectations first. Soothing colors translate to a more serene environment whereas stronger, bolder colors hint leadership and strength.

Does Good Web Design Increase Sales?

We can say with certainty that bad web design will cost you qualified sales. But can good website design increase your sales? Imagine a client on your website faced with an outdated look, outdated information, a navigation system that doesn’t lead them to the information they expect. Now think about your competitor’s website and their clean interface, uncluttered homepage and easy navigation. Potential clients feel more secure in their purchase and more confident in their choice when a website is designed properly.

You may understand your client. But your web design team must understand design and successfully translate the needs of your target market into a successful website design. Your website design team needs to be well versed not only in code but also in marketing.

A good website design team is usually made of at least three types of experts: a marketing expert, a design expert and a programmer. If you find all three website design expertise in one person, you’ve hit gold. If you find a team of two or three or more people who are as stringent and well versed in design and marketing as they are in code, then your website design launch will be a successful one. Website design shouldn’t be held to lesser standards than any other form of design and should always be based on market research, internet trend and user experience.



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